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Goose24 believes in the positive power of ambition. No profitable trade happens at financial markets without an ambitious trader behind it. Ambitious traders always know what capital they want to amass and work hard to accomplish their financial goals. They are not easily daunted either. Whether markets are rapidly skyrocketing or plunging, ambitious people embrace the challenge of their volatility, because they know full well that in markets’ fluctuations always lies a golden opportunity for personal enrichment. Ambitious traders also have an enviable ability to bounce quickly back from a big loss. When their luck runs out, they know when to stop trading without incurring risk of substantial permanent capital loss. After leaving, they come back to markets only when they sense that the tide has turned. They trade only to win.

When you open your Goose24 Platinum account, you will enjoy certain privileges, such as daily exchanges of trading ideas with our senior account managers and dedicated market analysts. These conversations with Goose24’s experts will be conducted face-to-face, in a pleasant, amicable atmosphere. Our market analyst will help you keep your finger on the pulse of financial markets lest you miss any valuable trading opportunity. And not only will our specialists help you study your assets’ trajectories but they will also teach you how to minimize trading risks. The risk management plan that you will map out together with our market analyst will let you remain solvent even when markets suddenly crash. Equipped with this plan, you will unerringly identify when to buy or sell your assets or when to have a break from trading to stop your losing streak.

With your Goose24 Platinum trading account, you will gain access to our trading room. We offer this service so that you can capitalize on less risky day trades. To protect you from bankruptcy, we will give you commercial trade insurance. Covered by our insurance, you will remain financially stable and will continue earning handsome profits even in financial dire straits. Cashback will also be given to you, if you happen to require it. Like owners of Goose24’s other trading accounts, you are welcome to use materials stored in our Educational Center and our webinar library. To open your Goose24 Platinum Account, you will need to pay an initial deposit.

To recap, when you open your Goose24 Platinum account, you will be entitled to the following services:

  • Minimum Deposit: Contact Us for More Details
  • Leverage: Up To 1:600
  • Dedicated senior account manager
  • Trading ideas (signals): Every Day (Mon’-Fri’)
  • Access to our Educational Center
  • Access to our Webinars: Live & Library
  • Access to secret groups
  • Consultations by our market analyst
  • Risk Management Planning
  • One-to-one education
  • Insurance
  • A direct line to Goose24’s trading room
  • Swap: Contact Us for More Details
  • Platinum Spreads

Open your Goose24 Platinum account with Goose24 and become the force to be reckoned with in the world of trading.

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